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Compassionate living

Every day we're faced with decisions about how to treat others... you have the power to make sure those decisions are compassionate ones! No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted, and it's never too soon to start making positive changes.

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Factory Farming

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty in the world today. But knowledge is the number one threat to factory farming. This cruel practice only exists because factory farmers keep it hidden from view... It's time to expose the truth.

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Live Export

Animals Australia's flagship campaign to end live export cruelty can be seen on billboards and taxi-backs all around the country. Now it's possible to wear your heart on your chest and broadcast the message with a Ban Live Export t-shirt.

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Dairy Cows

You can give hope to hundreds of thousands of gentle 'bobby' calves, and their mums, by learning how easy it is to go dairy-free. With calf-friendly products going mainstream, there's never been a better time to embrace the cruelty-free, and calcium-rich life!

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Animal Experimentation

We put animal experimentation under the microscope, and make it easy to avoid buying into animal cruelty — because bunnies should be leaping, not being tested on! (Bunnies should also be cuddled: plush bunny in-store now!)

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Why Veg

Cruelty-free cuisine is the new black! And will help explain why, with tips and tricks to help you embrace a healthy, plant-powered lifestyle. Why veg? Because it's better for you, the planet — and the animals!

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Animals Australia Unleashed

Unleashed is the youth division of Animals Australia. We join forces with bands, artists and young people to get the word out about how everyone can help animals — and the environment — by making cruelty-free choices.

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Animals Australia

Animals Australia is Australia's leading animal protection organisation. Our investigations and campaigns are recognised the world over. We unite millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty.

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Changing the world for the better sometimes begins with changing ourselves. Our outreach resources are designed to help all of us become the very best we can be — because it's our simple, every-day choices that will create a kinder world for all animals.

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